Almond Oil: What Are the Benefits?

Such a universal product as almond oil, the properties and applications of which are extremely diverse, is made from the kernels of the famous nut almonds. This component is actively used in cosmetology for the face, various areas of the body and hair. As a rule, this tool is of two types – made from bitter nuts or from the sweet variety.

In addition to the fact that almond oil is popular in cosmetology, it has in its arsenal and pronounced medicinal properties, in particular in the field of dermatology and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Edible almond oil is used for cooking, especially confectionery, in perfumery and pharmaceuticals. This tool is produced by cold pressing in the United States, the Mediterranean, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Benefits and chemical composition

This product has a whole arsenal of useful properties that are extremely widely used in various industries. In particular, almond oil has occupied an important focus in cosmetology for the treatment of many problems and shortcomings. The composition of the tool allows you to apply it in many areas – from facial skin to nails. This substance is also well established in strengthening hair – it perfectly stimulates the growth of eyelashes, hair, beards and eyebrows.

Benefits and cosmetic properties for the skin

What is the unique benefit of this product for the face? Due to its non-comedogenicity, almond oil is used for both oily skin and dry skin. It does not clog pores at all, and also nourishes well vitamins of any type of skin, so do not doubt whether to smear the face with this substance: any skin will be grateful for such care. Almond potion also perfectly disinfects the skin and is suitable for sunbathing.

This tool is rich in the following properties:

  • moisturizes the face, retaining moisture inside the cells of the dermis;
  • gets rid of bruises under the eyes;
  • the nutritional properties of the oil help prevent peeling;
  • improves complexion, brightens the skin;
  • Almond oil helps with acne, eliminating pustular inflammation;
  • heals crack on the lips;
  • effective almond oil for wrinkles, because it has excellent smoothing properties;
  • actively used for eyelids, tones and increases skin elasticity in this vulnerable area;
  • relieves inflammation, does not clog pores, brightens blackheads and prevents the spread of acne;
  • increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • used for wrinkles around the eyes, as it perfectly eliminates “goose bumps” and rich vitamin A;
  • thanks to vitamin E prevents photoaging of the skin;
  • relieves swelling of the eyes, used for massage in the eyelids.

For hands and nails

This component is also effective for maintaining the beauty of nails and skin. No wonder they say that a woman’s age can be easily identified by hand. It is important not only to prevent the aging of the skin of the hands, but also to ensure proper nutrition of the epidermis and nails. Almond oil itself helps prevent the aging of the epidermis and qualitatively maintains the beauty and well-groomed handles.

In particular:

  • almond oil is used to nourish the skin of the hands, relieves peeling;
  • moisturizes the epidermis;
  • protects from the harmful effects of detergents;
  • prevents dryness;
  • thanks to mineral zinc quickly heals wounds and microcracks;
  • softens the cuticle;
  • effective almond oil for nails, as it perfectly brightens the nail plate, gets rid of yellowness and flaking.

Health benefits

Aromatic and effective almond oil, the benefits and harms of which are quite individual, is actively used in medicine – both official and folk recipes for health and beauty. This budget tool perfectly eliminates many problems – from digestive disorders to diseases of the teeth and gums. What does almond oil help with?

It is rich in a range of medicinal properties:

  • fights blood cholesterol;
  • helps the stomach by reducing the acidity of the juice;
  • gets rid of bumps;
  • helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis;
  • used for a relaxing body massage;
  • helps with stomatitis;
  • gets rid of flatulence;
  • helps with gastritis and ulcers.

For hair growth

All the variety of healing properties of almond oil does not end with a positive effect on the skin of the body and effectiveness for rejuvenating the hands. What is useful for hair such a tool? It not only takes great care of the beauty of hair, but also affects the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. But for men, this product will help grow a thick beard or lush mustache.

The properties of the tool apply to:

  • nutrition of hair follicles;
  • effective protection of the skin from dandruff;
  • significant strengthening of the hair shaft;
  • rapid acceleration of hair growth;
  • prevention of fragility;
  • improving blood circulation.


Like any product, this cosmetic component has its own contraindications, in particular, its use is not recommended in allergies to nuts. The product should be used with caution for skin ulcers and allergic rashes. You also need to pay attention to the type of product, because bitter almond oil is not suitable for use in cosmetology and cooking and in large doses is toxic.

What is it used for?

The rich properties of this component allow you to use it in cosmetics in many beauty recipes. What can you use almond oil for and how to get the most out of the product? There are many interesting recipes that can be easily used at home to maintain a well-groomed and beautiful appearance.

For the skin

Almond oil for the face and around the eyes:

  • massage the skin of the eyelids with a small amount;
  • nourishing face mask with almond oil and oatmeal;
  • enrichment of face cream or eye gel;
  • night mask for lip skin;
  • topical application for pimples;
  • sugar scrub from sugar crystals and butter;
  • acupressure against wrinkles;
  • lightening of freckles by means of point drawing;
  • used for washing instead of regular soap, as it perfectly washes off makeup. In particular, by mixing polysorbate-80 and almond oil, you can get an excellent hydrophilic makeup remover.

The use of almond oil for the body:

  • lotions for eczema;
  • rubbing and massaging with oil from cellulite;
  • nutrition of the skin of the hands, in particular, night masks;
  • almond oil during pregnancy will help prevent stretch marks;
  • prevention of dry feet and elbows;
  • removal of hives and irritation in newborns;
  • relaxing or anti-cellulite massage;
  • breast lubrication during pregnancy and lactation to prevent loss of shape and the formation of stretch marks.

How to use for hair?

This tool is extremely effective for hair growth, strengthening, health and beauty. It can be used in different ways – and as a home mask, and as part of shampoos and conditioners.

The most effective have proven:

  • nourishing night masks;
  • application with a mascara brush at night to grow eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • moistening the tips after blow-drying;
  • aromatherapy for hair with rose and almond oil;
  • stimulation of beard growth when applied to the face in men;
  • masks from a mixture of evening primrose and almond for hair against the night.

Application for nails and cuticles

For care of nails and cuticles:

  • rubbing into the cuticle before and after manicure procedures;
  • strengthening nails by rubbing the product into the nails;
  • nourishing baths with the addition of funds;
  • nail masks made of almond oil and parsley to whiten the nail plate.

After learning what almond oil is needed for, you should take a responsible approach to storing the product to preserve all its useful properties. Store this product in a refrigerator or cool dark place. But to buy this product is not difficult – you can find almond oil in cosmetic stores and in any pharmacy.